We are the agent of IDEA:

IDENTIFYING the best strategy for success,
DIFFERENTIATING through design,
ENGAGING to build culture and
AMPLIFYING brand concept to create recognition.

We essentially in the business of crafting a unique message about your brand, and build every unique touchpoint around that. This eventually will lead your brand to own a territory in perception translated into a greater market share.

We can help evoke you brand by:

Research • Strategy • Naming • Design • Implementation • Communication • Wayfinding • Packaging • Digital • Engagement

You might be interested to do business with us if you like our work and if:

You have a new company or product

  • If you are starting a new business and need a new identity
  • If you are developing a new product and need a name and logo for it
  • If you are creating an awareness campaign and you need a unique identity
  • If your company is going public and need launch a world class brand

Your company needs a name change

  • Your company name no longer fits your current business context
  • Brand name conflict because of trademarking issues
  • A negative connotation is spotted with your current company/brand name
  • The current name is misleading and not clear

Your brand needs a revitalisation

  • Your corporate brand needs to be repositioned and refreshed
  • You need to communicate clearly about what is your business about
  • You are going global and need to enter the global market
  • No one knows who you are
  • Your stocks are devaluated
  • You need to appeal to a new market and customers

Your brand identity needs a revitalisation

  • If you feel your brand identity is outdated
  • If your brand identity is not practical, like it doesn’t work on the web
  • If your brand identity is not well position your business among competitors
  • If you have too many divisions and they are all over the place
  • If your business card sends the wrong message about the business image or size
  • If you have a strong brand, but it feels it needs a face lift
  • If you have a readability problem with your brand identity

Yon need to create an integrated system

  • If you have too many different business cards and your communication is not consistent
  • If your brand lack visual consistency and need a brand architecture to deal with acquisitions
  • If your product packaging is not attractive and your competitors look better than you
  • If your brand literature looks like it comes from different companies
  • If every division does its own thing when marketing and reinventing the wheel

You company in the process of merges and acquisitions

  • If you need to send a clear message about the type of merge or acquisition
  • If you want to build on the brand equity of the merging companies
  • If you want to send a strong signal to the world that you will be the new industry leader
  • If two industry leader brands merge, how to manage the new identity