In 2012, the UAE Federal Government set up Al Etihad Credit Bureau (AECB), a strategic Federal Government initiative established under the UAE Federal Law No. (6) issued in 2010, and set as a public company mandated to implement and operate a new credit reporting system across the UAE.

The vision for the new company is to provide world-class service that assist credit providers to make informed decisions, whilst helping individuals and corporations to understand their current financial obligations, debt level and creditworthiness.

The Challenge

Al Etihad Credit Bureau management assigned Evoke to develop a brand identity that expresses the core idea of the company and its mission for the future. Evoke challenge was to define the big idea behind the new brand.

Working closely with the brand management team, Evoke defined the brand values relevant to the company ecosystem of lenders, borrowers, financial market and economy. The words trust, growth, security and stability were the most important qualities to them.

The Solution

From the gathered information and conducted management interviews, Evoke developed the concept “State of Equilibrium” as the brand purpose of Al Etihad Credit Bureau brand.

The design search initiated to find the best symbolic representation for the big idea, a symbol that encapsulate the values, epitomise the stackholders vision, yet simple and abstract to best represent a the federal company. The resulting solution will be the DNA of the new brand identity visual system.

Evoke design team came up with the idea of using the mathematical signs “Less than and greater than” to be the brand marque and represents the concept of balance and stability.

The new brand identity visualise the brand ambition to maintain a balanced economy and stable financial market. A simple icon for trust relationship between Al Etihad Credit Bureau and the stackholders.


Brand Identity Design

What we did

Brand Naming / Brand Audit / Competition Analysis / Brand Marque Design / Brand Visual System / Advertising System / Literature System / Corporate Applications / Brand Identity Digital Assets

‘State of Equilibrium’

The guiding brand purpose for today, and for the future.

Defining the relevant values to the brand ecosystem of lenders, borrowers, markets and economy





Al Etihad Credit Bureau Brand Identity design represents the concept of stability.


The mathematical signs “Less than and grater than” emphasise the role of Al Etihad Credit Bureau in maintaining a balanced and health financial market and economy. The design is simple and symbolise the trust relationship between Al Etihad Credit Bureau and clients.